Art Direction
Concept Development
Exhibition Design
Alexander Wessely
Fotografiska Museum
Swedish House Mafia
A collaboration with artist Alexander Wessely, the Swedish House Mafia, and the Fotografiska Museum in Stockholm.

Wessely is a Swedish artist, photographer, and director known for pushing boundaries technically and creatively to create high impact visuals. Incorporating and reimagining themes central during renaissance era art. Life, death, and humanist values.

In Purgatorium he presents his close friends, the Swedish House Mafia, through his unique spectrum where the dark, the bizarre, and the graceful meet and visualizes the artist's journey through Purgatorium, meaning going through a tough and cleansing period that leads to development. An interpretation of their resurrection as a group.

Deus Belli 
The emotional trials the artists went through are reimagined and personified in the art. In this piece, their long conflict is retold metaphorically as a meeting with Deus Belli, the god of war.

‘Conflict stood in their way, represented here as Deus Belli {God of War}. The only way to defeat him is with peace. Substantial violence comes with his gracefulness. In the journey to harmony, he stands giant as the supreme adversary’
Symbolizes the artist's rebirth.
A rise towards a new future.
Like the art, the exhibition design was heavily influenced by themes and characteristics central during the Renaissance {meaning rebirth} era, as these are values the artists had to rekindle within themselves to emotionally reunite and resurrect as a group.

From the massive ceiling paintings in the Sistine Chapel to Michelangelo’s tall David sculpture, the literal grandeur of the art made during the Renaissance era is undeniable. This is reflected in Purgatorium’s design. The large artworks were placed on pedestals to reach further heights, and the video art surrounded the entire space. Together with spotted lights on each artwork and ambient choir vocals echoing through the sound system, the grandiose nature of the audiovisual experience was further enhanced.