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Jacob Mühlrad
Universal Music Group
Common to all Jacob Mühlrad’s choral music is a sense of the eternal. He deals with the themes of mortality, of the human condition, of tradition, of the holy, but all of these are viewed, so to speak, through the prism of music: the listener is left with the feeling that beauty has made sense out of what often seems incomprehensible or arbitrary. Indeed, the composer has said that he believes music to be connected to the foundations of the universe.

This philosophy is visually reflected by utilizing and combining elements that spark these connections in the human psyche. The feeling of eternity attached to the circular shape and motion. The sense of the unknown and incomprehensible that relates to the dark.

Anim Zemirot
Originally written for the Sofia Vokalensemble, this piece represented a breakthrough for the composer and is now a standard in the repertoire of many outstanding Swedish choirs. It was followed in 2014 by Nigun, for unaccompanied double choir, as well as Tekiah for wind orchestra, and in 2017 came Kaddish, a work with a deeply personal connection to the Holocaust, of which Mühlrad’s grandfather was a survivor.  The composer’s music has come increasingly to international notice, as the 2016 Carnegie Hall performance of Pan and the joint commission of the substantial choral work Time.